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Perfect thermal separation and hygienic inner surfaces
S2 Monobloc

S2 Monobloc


Since 2000, Mountair has been successfully producing the new Monobloc S2 series. The distinguishing features of this system are on the one hand the absolute thermal separation of the whole housing such as panels, profile sections and corner profiles, and on the other, rigorous compliance with hygiene aspects such as smooth internal surfaces without ledges on the profiles and external fasteners. This means that our S2 Monobloc is designed to also be used in sophisticated plants such as in pharmaceuticals/laboratories, food production and hospital buildings. Notwithstanding the S2 standard types given in this document, we attach importance to individuality. Thus, if required, we can produce any intermediate size and also offer any special design.

Housing and mounting parts

The S2 construction system is a robust aluminium frame design (AlMgSi), which ensures three-dimensional independent climate envelopes with rigorous thermal insulation for use in indoor and outdoor areas. The aluminium extruded profiles with thermal separation, which can be in various lengths as required, are connected by means of ingenious three-dimensional corner profiles (without cold bridges). Double walled panels, wall thickness 42 mm / 54 mm or 100 mm, with hard foam, rock wool or honeycombed flame retardant, fire class BKZ 5.1 CEN/DIN B1.

Panels with a surrounding profile for thermal insulation of the insides of the panels and the outer parts. The two seal levels mean that leakage is reduced to an absolute minimum. The simple mounting allows robust steel constructions which are faced with fixed or openable sandwich panels. All surfaces are let in so that the frame fits closely, allowing a clean surface to be created. The panels which can be opened for service purposes are fitted with adjustable external hinges and locks. Parts with rotating elements are fitted with hexagon locks, other doors have handles. The frame construction can be specified so as to be separated throughout or thermally separated, depending on the requirement and application of the corresponding cube.

Additional equipment (optional):
Doors with locking cylinder
Spare hexagon key
Complete wiring of the Monobloc fed to the outside
Pressure measurement nipple fed to the outside

Quality grades according to SWKI


Floor base frames
The consoles with feet is produced in welded 50 mm square steel tubing. For very large and heavy Monoblocs, 80 mm square steel tubing is used. One console per Monobloc cube is the standard. The welded steel frame is completely galvanised and then fitted with adjustable rubber feet. The usual base frame height is 100 to 500 mm; in addition a special solution can also be offered. Feet are adjustable over a range of ± 15 mm. Unless otherwise agreed, the base frames are bolted to the cube and delivered.

Ceiling mounting
Smaller units can be fitted with aluminium or V2A steel brackets for direct mounting on the ceiling, depending on customer requirements. You decide the fixing points on site, and you make the suspension holes yourself. Larger units are produced in 50 mm square steel tubing which has lugs welded on for fixing. Threaded rods are usually used for mounting. Here the suspension holes are decided beforehand and defined in a layout plan.

Special design
We can of course also fulfil your particular wishes, whether they concern wall consoles or height-adjusted floor consoles.

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